Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Like Best Friends

As the time approaches when I am getting ready to leave for college, it makes me think about who I will keep in touch with. My best friend has always been there for me, without fail. I can't remember my life before our sleepovers, the days where we hang out to just sit around and watch chick flicks on t.v. all day, fashion shoots, playing soccer together, going on trips together, and yet even though we will still be best friends everything is about to change.
She is going to college in Ohio, and I am staying in California. It is such a far distance that when I think about how we won't be able to see each other on a regular basis I feel like my world could possibly be falling apart. Me and Kenny look nothing alike actually we are opposites, but inside we are actually the same person. We both LOVE Will Ferrell especially in Talledega nights, American Idol, Gossip Girl, Lie to Me, funny movies...virtually any kind of food and just being lazy.

Its going to be a tough transition at the beginning of college but I will work to keep the friendships that I have. Having someone I can always turn to is the best thing EVER. Having someone who supports you no matter what is more than I deserve in life, but I still have one.

Some of our favorite quotes:
"Not to be over dramatic but I would rather shoot myself in the face than eat that." -Baby Mama
"ANARCHY ANARCHY!!!! I don't know what that means but I love it!" -Talladega Nights
"This is not a brothel. OH i'm not here to make soup." -House Bunny
"Your toilets broken." -Baby Mama

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    your life is not falling apart-- it is coming together. we will FOR SURE be friends forever. we will have to work at it, but there is no doubt in my mind that we will be checking out the old hairy men hobbling by the coffeshop when we are eighty.